Mickey Mouse – Trivia

Mickey Mouse Trivia

  • In 1934, Encyclopedia Britannica gave Mickey Mouse his own entry.
  • Walt Disney was given a special Academy Award in 1932 for the creation of Mickey Mouse.
  • In an episode of the TV series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles called “Return of the Fly”, one of the Rat King’s rats is named “Mickey” after Mickey Mouse, meaning he is an idol to one of the rats.
  • It is generally agreed that the decision to use a mouse as a central character was widely discussed by the Disney animation staff and that Iwerks, as lead animator, was the primary person responsible for Mickey’s original visual style; however, it is also agreed that during that early era, no character ever was conceived, developed or reached the screen without Walt Disney’s personal approval, and in that sense, Disney, not Iwerks, was Mickey’s creator)
  • An easter egg in pre-OS X versions of the Mac OS’s mouse resource used a creator code of MCKY, supposedly in homage to Mickey Mouse.
  • Mickey was sometimes used as an American anti-hero by the underground culture. The best example of this is the 1968 short Mickey Mouse in Vietnam.
  • Also appeared as a dark silhouette , along with Minnie and Donald, waving and hailing USAF combat airplanes flying to bomb a black neighborhood during a riot in the animated film “Fritz the Cat (film)”.