Winnie the Pooh – Characters

Winnie the Pooh

He is a small golden bear, stands at nearly 22 inches tall and wears an old red color t-shirt. This bear is undoubtedly the world’s most loved and revered bear. He has little brains, does a lot of silly things, and his love for honey (hunny) is endless, yes the bear is none other than everyone’s favourite bear – Winnie the Pooh. The 1st chapter of the Winnie-the-Pooh book was published on December 24, 1925 while the entire book written by A. A. Milne was released on October 14, 1926. All over the world his birthday is celebrated with much fanfare on 14th October. Winnie the Pooh is also called Pooh Bear or just Pooh. He is best friends with everyone in the 100 Acre Wood. The first thing he says when he gets up in the morning is “what’s for breakfast”. Pooh invented the game ‘Poohsticks’. Things he likes to do is to exercise in the morning, go on an adventure with Christopher Robin or Piglet, visiting friends who he thinks have ‘Hunny’ and looking for “Hunny to Fill the Rumblee in his Tumblee”.


Eeyore is a donkey and for some he is their favourite Pooh character amongst all the others. He is a blue-gray donkey, about 3-years in age and stands 18 inches tall & 27 inches in length. He is originally like the other Pooh character; stuffed with sawdust. His appearance is highlighted by a small light pink bow on his tail. He is an intelligent animal but tends to keep to himself. Eeyore is a extremely gloomy donkey and has a very bad habit of losing his tail! Mostly, he tends to depend on his friends to find his lost tail for him and thereafter Christopher Robin fixes his tail using a drawing pin. What he simply adores is that his friends remember him on his birthday and celebrates it with him. He often says “Thanks for noticin’ me” and “Oh, well”.


He is a very Bouncy Animal and resembles a tiger. He is always in an electrifying & exuberant mood and loves to bounce, bounce and bounce. He is 23 inches tall and his most standout feature is his springy tail. His character is easily recognizable by the black & orange stripes, a springy tail, and a long chin, beady eyes which all mix well into his bouncy and fun loving personality. He is a bouncy, pouncy, flouncy and a trouncy creature that is always looking to make the most out of what life has to offer. The most wonderful thing about Tiggers is that “I’m the only one!” Tigger likes to bounce a lot, “cause that is what Tiggers do best.” His favourite food is the extract of malt but is known to be an extremely fussy eater. He takes a lot of pleasure in being able to “unbounce” some of the other animals in the 100 Acre Wood.


Piglet is another of the original stuffed toy animals of Christopher Robin Milne in the Winnie-the-Pooh books. Piglet is a very brave animal as supposed to his diminutive size and frame of a timid pink pig. Piglet stands barely at 10 inches tall and is always seen wearing a long pink striped shirt. His original address in the 100 Acre Wood was the Beech Tree, south of Pooh’s house, 100 Acre Wood Southwest. But from the time Owl moved into his house, Piglet has started living with his best friend Winnie the Pooh. What he loves doing best is going on adventures with Pooh, he is quite fond of bright colors and especially balloons, and he even likes blowing dandelions. Haycorns are his favourite food. Every Tuesday Piglet spends his day at Christopher Robin’s house. The first thing that Piglet utters when he gets up in the morning is “I wonder what’s going to happen exciting today?”


Rabbit is one of the 2 real animals that are recognized by their actual animal names in A.A Milne’s children’s story books. Since he is a real animal it is considered that he has brains and the same goes for Owl. He actually makes this clear in a conversation with Owl where he say “You and I have brains. The others have fluff”. He is pushy and takes his own decisions, is able to spell better compared to all the other animals. He is quite certain about the important things in his life. What he likes doing most is organizing a plan and to lead group events, even if nothing gets done. He is unhappy if anyone disturbs or interrupts him while he is engaged in any kind of activity, he doesn’t like being bounced either. He relishes gardening and his favourite food is the carrot and other vegetables, he makes it a point to avoid Pooh during lunch time.

Kanga and Roo

Kanga & Roo are 2 fictional characters that belong to Winnie the Pooh. Kanga is the sole female character in Winnie-the-Pooh and she is 30 inches tall. She is the mother of a young joey (baby kangaroo) named Roo, who is nearly 10 inches tall. Kanga carries her family in her pocket and is the fastest amongst all animals in the forest. She takes utmost care of Roo and shall often warn Roo of possible dangers involved in the activities that Roo undertakes. She often says “Now now Roo, you mustn’t do that dear,” to which Roo mostly replies “But moma!” Kanga & Roo live in the Northern section of the 100 Acre Wood. Every Tuesday Kanga goes to Pooh’s house and tries to teach him how to jump. Roo is the youngest member of the 100 Acre Wood, he love milk and most other eateries expect for the extract of malt. He really likes the game ‘Poohsticks’ and likes playing with Tigger too

Christopher Robin

He is boy for whom Winnie-the-Pooh was originally written. He is also a part of the stories and poems written by his father A.A. Milne. He is the master of the 100 Acre Woods. Christopher Robin’s address in the forest is – Top of the Forest (High Ground), 100 Acre Wood East. He is everyone’s best friend and mostly indulges in activities to help his friends to get them out of tricky situations, most of the times it’s the silly old Pooh bear that he helps. He will help Pooh collect honey, he will rescue Roo & Tigger when they are stuck in high trees in the forest and shall nail Eeyore’s tail. His favorite food is probably Birthday cake and one of his favourite things to do is hosting birthday and hero parties. But what he likes doing best is Nothing; “It means just going along, listening to all the thing’s you can’t hear, and not bothering”.


He is the wisest amongst all the animals living in the 100 Acre Wood. He is a large owl and stands at nearly 28 inches in length and when he spreads his wings they are 42 inches wide. Owl, like Rabbit wasn’t an original toy belonging to Christopher Robin Milne. Along with Rabbit he is considered to be an animal with brains. His intelligence is often called upon to aid a certain bear of very little brain. He is always forthcoming in offering his advice, opinions and anecdotes irrespective of others wanting it. He also loves telling stories related to his relatives. His original residence is called The Chestnuts but when a storm blows away his house and thereafter he makes Piglet’s residence his new residence. His residence has amenities like a pull- bell and a door knocker. Owl is capable of writing and some illustrations show him holding a pen in his talons.


Gopher’s full name is Samuel J. Gopher. Gopher wasn’t a part of the original stories and poems written by A.A. Milne and was introduced by Walt Disney as the felt that the then existing characters of Winnie the Pooh weren’t American enough for the American audience to be able to relate to. This fact is recurrently pointed out he says “I’m not in the book you know.” Gopher is a Bricklayer, Builder, Excavation and Demolition Expert. His address is perhaps more apt when describes as all over the 100 Acre Woods as he lives under tunnels he creates. What he likes doing most is working on projects that involve building tunnels or projects which could be used by the other members in the forest. Gopher is 15 inches tall and the biggest problem he will encounter is that he falls into the tunnels that he engineered. Since he is a Walt Disney character there are neither illustration of him nor is he there in the stories written by A.A. Milne.