PS VR Games We Can’t Wait To Play In 2017

The following Playstation VR will be released in 2017, we can’t wait to play!

Ace Combat 7
Project Aces & Bandai Namco Entertainment

With intense cockpit action, the Ace Combat series makes perfect sense for VR. Fortunately, the series’ first game since 2014 will be supporting PlayStation VR on PlayStation 4. Expect exhilarating dog fights, but hopefully no blackouts


The American Dream
Samurai Punk

In retro 1950s everything you could ever need can be acquired with the help of a couple guns. The American Dream’s sarcastic humor looks to thrive during the game’s trip to the 1950 World Fair where you use guns for every day tasks such as eating and driving.

Ark Park
Snail Games

The open world action-adventure game ARK: Survival Evolved is expanding its prehistoric world by allowing players to get an up-close look at the many different habitats the dinosaurs may have called home. You’ll be riding dinosaurs, crafting tools, and completing puzzles as you attempt to collect Gene Cubes for over 100 species. Let’s just hope ARK Park doesn’t suffer the same fate as another popular prehistoric playground.

Media Molecule

Media Molecule’s strange new creation game skipped a 2016 release, but we’re still intrigued. This could be PS VR’s Tilt Brush/Medium, only going even deeper and allowing you to create full games with its tool set. It’s ambitious to say the least.


Impluse Gear

Big names came to PS VR at E3 this year, but this new IP from a new studio using a new peripheral proved the most promising. Farpoint gives you a gun-shaped controller to blast away bug-like aliens on a strange new planet. Sign us up.


Highwire Games

We haven’t seen much of Highwire Games’ Golem in 2016, but the very fact that former Halo developers are working on it still gives us hope for a great game. Take control of giant stone Golems and use your PS Move controller to take on enemies.

Gran Turismo Sport
Polyphony Digital

Gran Turismo is one of the longest running racing simulations in the world, competing mainly with Forza in the console arena. GT Sport is supposed to mark the beginning of a new era for the racer and they’ll be including a special VR Tour Mode in the experience.



After your home is destroyed, play the role of a commander as he fights for his race’s survival and takes the fight to the enemy. Manage your resources, build your defenses, and strategically attack the opponents in this retro styled VR RTS.


Megaton Rainfall
Pentadimensional Games

Becoming a superhero in VR could be a potentially nauseating experience, but Pentadimensional Games is giving it a shot all the same with Megaton Rainfall. This unique game has you flying around procedurally generated planets to stop an alien invasion, protecting mankind at all costs.

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul


The Paranormal Activity series may have ended its long run in cinemas, but it’s far from over. If anything, The Lost Soul could be the scariest entry in the franchise yet, making full use of VR to make you feel like you’re really in the horror. Doesn’t that sound lovely?


Gaming veterans will know Polybius as a fabled arcade cabinet that was said to have disappeared from arcades due to health issues. Industry legend Jeff Minter, though, claims he’s played it, and will be making his own take on it for PlayStation VR. It looks trippy to say the least.

Private Eye
Slacker Games

Private Eye is another game that’s been a long time coming and, based on its most recent teaser trailer, has been radically transformed with the advent of motion controllers. It’s New York noir setting and thoughtful story in which you piece together an accident which left you wheelchair-bound are what keeps us interested.

Project Cars 2
Slightly Mad Studios


The first Project Cars is one of the deepest racing simulations available today and stands as one of the best experiences to be had in VR to date. PC2 is looking to take the white-knuckle sim across even more racing disciplines including Touge and Rallycross with one of the largest track rosters ever.

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin
Double Fine

People have long called for the return of the Psychonautsfranchise, and Double Fine is bringing it back in the best way possible: with VR. Take control of Raz once more in this mission that will have you really using the supernatural powers you dreamed of using in the first game. A full sequel is also in development.

Resident Evil 7

The Resident Evil franchise has changed up their formula in a big way every few main entry. This seventh one is delivering a more intimate fright-fest from the first-person perspective. Resident Evil is one of the most notable series getting a full-fledged VR release (not just a themed experience) and will potentially set the bar for other major developers.


Gattai Games

Survival horror is already no stranger to VR headsets, but Stifledsets itself apart by having the user make real world noises to light up the darkened path in front of them. It’s unlike anything else in the genre and we’re rooting for it to make an excellent game.


Star Trek: Bridge Crew
Redstorm Entertainment

Although it was suddenly delayed shortly before release, we still have Star Trek: Bridge Crew to look forward to in 2017. Team up with friends online and fulfill your dreams as you help pilot a U.S.S. starship across missions that will have you beaming up and firing torpedoes.

Tarsier Studios

Tarsier Studios looked at the way you hold a DualShock 4 in VR and came up with an innovative new puzzle game that we’re really excited to take a look at next year. You’re trapped in a lab with strange experiments taking place, and you’ll solve increasingly trying puzzles in order to escape.

Starblood Arena
Whitemoon Dreams and Sony San Diego

Six Degree of Freedom (6DOF) shooters are seeing something of a resurgence with the arrival of VR headsets, and Starblood Arena is the latest to join the fray. This cartoonish shooter promises multiplayer thrills with lively characters and two to four player co-op to boot.

Hammerhead Games

SYREN‘s brand of underwater scares come with a loving helping of cheesy B-movie horror too. Set in a deep sea lab, you fight off horrific mechanical syrens that have overrun the facility, looking for a means of escape. It’s the first in a series of themed stories from the developer.

Tekken 7
Bandai Namco

Tekken is a long running franchise where a colorful and diverse collection of fighters engage in the Iron Fist Tournament. This 7th entry will serve as the conclusion of the series’ story arc involving the Mishima clan and will feature a VR mode where you can appreciate the eclectic roster of characters.

Unearthing Mars
Winking Entertainment

The Red Planet is no stranger to VR headsets, but Unearthing Mars promises an epic story of alien invasion and survival. We’ve only seen a glimpse of this strange new sci-fi adventure, but its enough to have us hoping that it ends up being one of PS VR’s better action games.


XING: The Land Beyond
White Lotus Interactive

XING: The Land Beyond has been a long time coming, but 2017 might finally be the year we get our hands on this gorgeous adventure game, which was Kickstarted all the way back in 2013. Solve puzzles on tropical beaches and lush forests in a surreal story about the afterlife.


Classroom Aquatic
Sunken Places

Born through Kickstarter, Classroom Aquatic is a humorous stealth-trivia game where you cheat, sabotage, and manipulate your way through a classroom of dolphins. Use your fellow students while trying to avoid the gaze of the teachers as you survive the semester.


Futuridium VR
Mixed Bag

This low poly arcade style shooter is a port of the EP Deluxe version for PS4. From the cockpit, you’ll engage in gameplay that is reminiscent of classic Starfox with an high energy soundtrack as the accent for the excitement, so strap in.

Get Even
The Farm 51

Get Even is a photo realistic shooter with a horror theme. In both the single player and multiplayer modes, the scanned environments and weapon physics provide an authentic and realistic experience to draw you deep into the action.


With an abstract art style and vibrant colors, Gnog is a 3D puzzle adventure where you venture into monster heads and decipher the unique puzzle of each.


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