Movie Mistakes – The Aristocats (1970)

Welcome to our webpage dedicated to uncovering the delightful secrets and charming mishaps of the beloved Disney classic, ‘The Aristocats’! Released in 1970, this animated masterpiece has captured the hearts of generations with its whimsical tale of a sophisticated feline family and their adventures in Paris. While ‘The Aristocats’ is cherished for its memorable characters and enchanting music, no film is without its occasional slip-ups. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the hidden movie mistakes and fascinating behind-the-scenes tidbits that make ‘The Aristocats’ even more endearing. Let’s dive into the world of animated enchantment and explore the delightful goofs and bloopers of this timeless Disney gem!

  1. Vanishing Whiskers: During various scenes, the length and visibility of Duchess’s whiskers change inconsistently. They appear longer or shorter in different shots.
  2. Marie’s Missing Bow: Marie, one of the kittens, wears a pink ribbon bow around her neck. However, in a few scenes, the bow disappears and then reappears.
  3. Changing Eye Color: The eye colors of some characters, such as Thomas O’Malley and Edgar, change between shots. They may switch from blue to green or vice versa.
  4. Wrong Piano Keys: In the scene where Scat Cat and his gang are playing the piano, the notes they play do not match the keys they press. The animation doesn’t accurately depict the music being played.
  5. Invisible Tail: In certain shots, Toulouse, one of the kittens, seems to be missing his tail. It disappears momentarily and then reappears in later scenes.
  6. When Thomas, Duchess, and the kittens run from the car driver after being spotted in the back, Thomas can be seen picking up Marie by the ribbon to carry her, but in the very next shot, Marie’s walking on her own again (00:37:41)
  7. When the butler takes the mother and kittens to be abandoned in the countryside he is on a motorcycle and sidecar combination. During the trip the sidecar changes from one side of the bike to the other and back again. Also, when the sidecar separates from the motorcycle when the dogs are chasing Edgar, the wheel on the sidecar switches sides regularly as well.
  8. When Madame gets off the carriage, Frou-Frou winnies to get her attention. Madame then proceeds to feed her. Frou-Frou eats from her hand. However, if you look closely at Madame’s hand, it is empty. (00:03:05)
  9. When Edgar is escorting George up the stairs, George’s cane gets caught in Edgar’s legs. However, in the very next shot, the cane is held high up in the air by George, when it should be still caught up in Edgar’s legs. (00:04:56)
  10. When the mouse gets in the light in the back of the motor cycle, there are little bits of glass sticking in from where a full glass cover had once been. But when they show the mouse bumping up and down there is no glass.
  11. When Edgar goes to retrieve his hat and umbrella, he uses a fishing pole to snag the hat from Napoleon’s head. You see him reeling in the line when it should be reeling out (counter-clockwise vs. clockwise)-the next shot shows the line going down. This happens twice.
  12. When O’Malley arrives with his musical number, as he strides around Duchess before he ‘curls’ his fingers, her collar changes color for a split second quite visibly during the same shot.
  13. When O’Malley jumps on to the milk van, it screeches to a halt. The milkman gets out of the van to manually crank start the van. However, in the previous shot, there is a clear view of the front of the van, and there is no crank shaft present.
Frou-Frou rips off Edgar’s tuxedo when trying to stop him but in the next shot, it appears unscathed.

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